Cookie Policy

Cookies are little files that websites leave on your machine – a bit like a breadcrumb trail. Most cookies are completely harmless. For example, cookies are the things that remember your name when you go back to a favourite website. Some companies might use them to track how you use the internet.

To the best of my knowledge, my website does not put cookies onto visitors’ devices. However, I do have to make a living as a writer and freelancer. I do so by selling products from third parties. So if you click on an offer for a product it will take you to a sales page for a third party. My understanding is that, during that process, a cookie will be put on your device. That tells the third party that it’s a referral from me, and that they should pay me a small commission if you then buy something. This is one of the ways the money-saving expert Martin Lewis made his money. This happens in the real world, too. You’ve heard of sales commission being paid to individuals or companies who sell a service. Same thing, but here it’s just done with cookies. These cookies expire, normally after a period of 30 days. Nothing underhand or untoward going on here.

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