Welcome to deepskram.com. You’ve come to the site where I’m allowed to push the humour just that little bit further up the absurdity curve. If you’re looking for my serious work, please go to markspeed.co.uk.

A couple of school-friends were playing with backward spellings and told me that Mark Speed backwards is deepskram. I already knew that, but the name had a certain cachet and it stuck. In the last few years it’s become obvious that I have to separate the more serious content on markspeed.co.uk from my more puerile offerings. Spin forward more years than are comfortable to acknowledge and deepskram is back in play – it’s not big and it’s not clever, as I tried to explain in my first post, but it’s less buttoned-up than markspeed.co.uk. You could send your gran or your boss to markspeed.co.uk but you’d send your friends to deepskram.com.
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