You can find plenty of humour under the humour category in my blog. However, there’s nothing like a page of really offensive content to put the tone on the lowest possible level.

Giant Swear-Words!

Yes! This is what I’ve dreamed of for years. Forget crop-circles and all that New Age nonsense. I’ve always liked to think that if Great Britain still led the world in anything, it was profanity. At last I have the proof that Tourette’s Syndrome is endemic to this Sceptred Isle. I was going to give you the file names for the Google Earth pictures, but that wouldn’t give you the kind of instant gratification a web-surfer needs.

Eddie Fuck

Huge swear-word in field – a rude crop-circle


Huge arse in field, like a rude crop-circle

International Humour

It’s all too easy to make fun of foreigners. So, in the great tradition of British humour, we have a selection of hilarious foreign place names and turns of phrase. Be warned that the language is strong. If, for example, you are at all offended by British place names such as Upper Dicker, then don’t go to this section about Unintentional Foreign Humour.

Amusing Misspelt Oriental Signs

Rather than navigate through that page, you can also go straight to Amusing Misspelt Oriental Signs.
If you are a non-English speaker who knows of any reciprocal humour, I’d be delighted to incorporate it here. But you know that what I’ll do is plaster my work with those words for maximum offence!

Streatham Hill

Streatham’s one of those comedy names, often used by the likes of Paul Merton (a man who shares his stage name with a dreary London suburb, for God’s sake). This is where your author lives. Find out the real stranger-than-fiction history of Streatham Hill.

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