Stage work

I am an experienced stand-up comedian and comedy improviser. Here’s a brief overview.

Edinburgh Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe 2011 and 2012, The End of the World Show — solo multimedia comedy show on PBH’s Free Fringe. Nice Mr Death presents the audience with six religions. With the end of the world being nigh, at the end of the show the audience must vote for the end of the world for the whole of humanity. I received a four-star review in 2012, and the book of the show has been featured on Sky News (live interview), and in the London Evening Standard and The Sun.

In 2010, I was one half of two-person stand-up comedy show Anna Nuvva-Fing with Dave Smiff.

Stand-up Comedy

Look, I’m hardly going to give you my most up-to-date material, am I? The performance below was November 1st 2007 at the legendary King’s Head, Crouch End (what an honour just to tread those boards!). I was badly jet-lagged… and that seemed to slow my delivery down nicely. Being November 1st, every act before me had made some cosy (for ‘cosy’, read ‘lame’) references to the previous night’s Hallowe’en celebrations. Oh, and I should point out that these little cameras don’t pick up the audience’s laughs too easily, particularly when held by someone in the performer’s area. The capacity audience in a room with a low ceiling sounds like a half-empty barn. [Okay, that’s enough caveats. Ed.]

Comedy Impro

This is a clip taken from the Spontaneity Shop Maestro performance on May 17th 2009. It was a great privilege to be invited to do a solo performance. Remember: this is completely unrehearsed. I was told to be an old man in a nursing home talking to his carer about his life, then I just had to perform. Oh, and make it funny. So, no pressure, then…



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