Why I set up deepskram.com

Thanks for dropping by. As the above header suggests, this website is the opposite of my serious site markspeed.co.uk. It’s not necessarily the darker side, but it’s the lighter and more stupid stuff. My marketing gurus said I should think about separating Mark the serious Writer from Mark the performer and comedian. Yes, it’s all about branding: a serious reader wouldn’t want to visit the other website and be exposed to some of the absurd nonsense on this site. You can see the logic. However, the comic in me can’t help but point out that, not only are the manifestos of every political party in this country manifestly absurd and stuffed full of nonsense, but that they take themselves terribly seriously. My reason for the separation was that I’m aiming to make a living from my writing, and that this separation was therefore necessary. In writing this, I’ve realised that the political classes not only make a very good living indeed, but enjoy charitable status (despite a distinct lack of charitable behaviour) and enjoy the privilege of shafting the rest of us.

Oh dear. My first post on this site and I’ve ended up being serious.

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